Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kick'em Jenny LIVE

As the cost of research at sea rises and the push to include more students and citizens continues, telepresence is becoming more common.  What is telepresence? Its like watching an unedited and interactive IMAX movie on your computer screen.  Live feed from the remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) streams from the sea floor through a satellite dish to your screen.  Scientists, students, and even citizens associated with the cruise can log in and help guide and describe the work being done. The rest of us can watch how it all unfolds -- the first glimpse of the vent as well as the ship steaming to the site, the ROV deployment and the drive to find the vent.
Shrimp @ Kick'em Jenny (c) Ocean Exploration Trust

Sound interesting?  Well check out the livestream as my good friend Dr. Anna Michel (and colleagues) helps execute undergraduate projects at Kick'em Jenny, a submarine volcano in the Caribbean from now until Oct 8th.


The semester is in full swing now with the first round of exams starting.  I am lucky to have a light teaching load and no full time class this semester.  Instead I'm helping out with a couple of other courses as a guest lecturer.  I gave my first lecture at Rutgers yesterday. The students were very interactive, had new ideas and insightful questions.  A promising start.  Does this mean I'm officially a Rutgers professor?